Let's Make a Waterfall!  

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Being spring we are noticing lots of water fountains lately. While we were at English Gardens, we got the idea that we could try to build our very own water fall!

So that is what we did today! They spent hours reconstructing it until the water fell just right. Well, I think it will be an on going project. It really is all about the process, not the finished product!

Butterfly Surprises  

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Last week I purchased a Butterfly Garden Kit. As soon as we got it, I got online and ordered our 5 caterpillars! We are so excited for this science/nature project! We may have to wait about 3 weeks for the caterpillars but we will just have to be patient. Once we get them we will put them in our butterfly house and watch them make the cocoon around themselves then we will witness there breaking forth as beautiful butterflies. Then we will pray for them and release them into the wild! I just pray for no tragedies!

God himself gave us a head start! The day I ordered our caterpillars, my husband had come in from outside. When he was sitting at the dining room table I notified him that there was a butterfly sitting on his shoulder! I quickly reached for the butterfly house that was still in it's box and we captured this beautiful butterfly! My four year old was absolutely tickled!

We have a branch with blossoms in it and an orange slice and some sugar water drops on the branch for food.

My son was standing and watching this little butterfly in his house and he wasn't moving. I explained that butterflies need a rest too. Well, while my son stood watching and waiting for movement, he was playing his harmonica. Just then this butterfly came to life and danced all around. When he stopped playing the butterfly sat still. Then he played again and sure enough he fluttered all around in there as if he were on stage. You could almost sense this creature was making himself beautiful cause he knew others were watching.... but only when the harmonica was being blown.

We tried it again later and we witnessed another beautiful dance of the butterfly!

Here they are trying to get this beauty to fly away. They took turns playing the harmonica to get it out of the house. Once he flew off. We found him on our siding. He actually flew on Gabe's hand but I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture of it.

What fun! Thank you our Heavenly Creator for every detail... known and unknown to us.
Your intricate details are truly remarkable!

If I had a Million Dollars~HS wish list  

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Olde World Style Maps
Rocket Phonics ~ Reading Program

Creating a Worm House  

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I am so exciting for the kids to make this little worm house! (Cause I won't be touching ANY worms). I came across this excellent tutorial on how to create a worm house out of things you should have in your home and yard.

This will be our next 'sunny day' project (it is raing today- although it is likely a good day to find worms easily). From what I hear you will be amazed at how quickly and fast worms mulitply. The soil they live in (is called castings) is gold for your garden too! We just may have to make a few of these!

Audio Books for kids  

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We have been enjoying these audio books over the breakfast table.

This author is so much fun. Even the narration makes it exciting!