Penguin Study ~ Winter  

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We made a cute penguin craft after googling 'preschool penguin craft.'

We talked about how the dad penguin is the one who stands over the egg for 2 months in the cold winds to keep the egg warm and he doesn't even eat that entire time! I explained how faithful the father is to do that just to keep his child alive much like our Father in heaven is faithful to watch over us!

We read

Then we watched an adorable movie called The Adventures of Scamper the PenguinAdventures of Scamper the Penguin.
It is so cute and gives true facts about penguins. Then at the end of the movie you can select "Quiz" in main menu screen and the kids can read the questions and click the correct answer.

My kids did this about 5 times even though they are the same questions!

The movie is suspenseful but my 5 and 3 year old could handle it and one of them is pretty sensitive to 'scary' parts. I just told them 'it ends happy but the just have to find a way out of this situation.'

I would love to hear of any of you do this. We had lots of fun with it.