Our Favorite Outdoor Activity (these days)  


The kids are loving painting on an old bed sheet outside! They spend at least a half of an hour painting and another hour hosing it all away! I am thinking this classifies under ART and EXPERIMENTS!

Here is what you will need: An old bed sheet, Tempra Paint, Dish Soap, Water, paint brushes, and something to hold the paint. I used an egg tray I got from the dollar store at Easter time.

Here is what I do.

I squeeze a small amount of paint into small paint jars, add and equal amount of dish soap (for easier clean up) and the rest is water.

This makes the paint watery. That is okay cause once it gets on the bed sheet it kind of bleeds a little anyway. I just figure more water makes the paint go further.

 IMG_2837  IMG_2839 

Dig In!


When the painting fun is through. Pull out the hose! Now the real fun begins!


Clean out the paint jars, the brushes, and the hose down the bed sheet….. No need to rush this process. This is a big part of the fun!

Later, after they have exhausted themselves, I give it all one final hose down and toss the sheet in the wash so it is ready for next time.