A Different Perspective  

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I just know this is coming... In fact I have already had hints of these questions when we tell someone we’re homeschooling. “What about hanging out with friends their own age?" Homeschool Coop... lots of friends.
"You can't possibly know everything they will need to learn especially as they get older." That is why we buy curriculum. Homeschool coop covers lots of subject taught by various parents.

While skeptics are quick to point out all the things they think my kids will be missing, I can’t help but think of all the things they’re not missing! Like…

Moving on in a lesson before they’re ready, or lagging behind until the rest of the class gets it. At home, they move at their own perfect pace.

Getting stuck with a teacher that doesn’t like them. They are now guaranteed to be teacher’s pet!

Having to do PE when they have cramps. Their teacher now gives them the day off and some pampering to boot.

Bullies and mean girls. Mom is right there to hear and see everything.
Needing permission to use the bathroom. Freedom to go anytime!

Needing permission to get a drink of water. Drink up, kids!

Waking up early. Or sometimes, even getting dressed. Which means we’re also not missing an hour of hair, makeup, and a possible fashion crisis every morning.

Cafeteria food. Need I say more?

Peer pressure. Mom’s definitely not missing this one, either.

Exposure to media, lifestyles, advertising, celebrities, etc. that their parents don’t want them exposed to. That’s right, we’re sheltering them. And proud of it.

What aren’t your kids missing?

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Fun Geography!  

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We recently discovered GOOGLE EARTH. It is a free downloadable program that can take you in 3D any where across the globe! My four year old boy has had so much fun flying like and airplane over mountains and speed boating across the ocean.

We have visited The Statue of Liberty, The Ancient Pyramids in Egypt, The Grand Canyon, Iceland, Russia, The Effle Tower, Niagara Falls, Big Ben and more. Without cracking a book he has learned about these places just my exploring with Google Earth!

I often let him use Google Earth during his sister's nap time.
There are other features we have to still play with like the Flight Simulator, Going to Mars, and others. As with most online stuff the options are endless.
The nice thing is we learn more and more with each option!

DIY Kites!  

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My children have been asking me to make a kite that they could fly. I would have loved to do this but just didn't think a homemade kite would fly.... until..... I saw this post at Mayamade. So we tried and and she is so right! It works! One of the nicest things about this particular kite is it is made with things we had on hand. This is a video of how to make it. The only thing they leave out is putting the string throught the hole.

We will be creating more of these as the weather permits!

NOTE~ This kite uses a plastic grocery bag as the 'string.' It says to cut the plastic bag in a 2 inch spiral. I didn't understand how to do this at first... until I started cutting. The first thing I did was cut off the handles, then cut in 2 inches and continue cutting horizontally to the top of the bag until you reach the bottom of the bag. I hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask.