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I just know this is coming... In fact I have already had hints of these questions when we tell someone we’re homeschooling. “What about hanging out with friends their own age?" Homeschool Coop... lots of friends.
"You can't possibly know everything they will need to learn especially as they get older." That is why we buy curriculum. Homeschool coop covers lots of subject taught by various parents.

While skeptics are quick to point out all the things they think my kids will be missing, I can’t help but think of all the things they’re not missing! Like…

Moving on in a lesson before they’re ready, or lagging behind until the rest of the class gets it. At home, they move at their own perfect pace.

Getting stuck with a teacher that doesn’t like them. They are now guaranteed to be teacher’s pet!

Having to do PE when they have cramps. Their teacher now gives them the day off and some pampering to boot.

Bullies and mean girls. Mom is right there to hear and see everything.
Needing permission to use the bathroom. Freedom to go anytime!

Needing permission to get a drink of water. Drink up, kids!

Waking up early. Or sometimes, even getting dressed. Which means we’re also not missing an hour of hair, makeup, and a possible fashion crisis every morning.

Cafeteria food. Need I say more?

Peer pressure. Mom’s definitely not missing this one, either.

Exposure to media, lifestyles, advertising, celebrities, etc. that their parents don’t want them exposed to. That’s right, we’re sheltering them. And proud of it.

What aren’t your kids missing?

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I love the PE point. Wonderful!! I don't have girls though so not helpful for me.

I love your blog!

Yes, that "S" question--socialization--does not ever go away. After ten years, I am still asked that question. I remind myself to breathe deeply, and smile as I answer. You have some great explanations. I find that, the longer I homeschool (AND the older I get), I often do not answer this question with explanations anymore.

Rather, I answer with another question: Why would I want to compare the "socialization" my children receive to what children in the traditional schools experience? It's not working, so I don't consider it to be the standard.

My children have the ability to interact--to "socialize," if you will--with people of all ages. Just as the world is not age-segregated, my children's social interactions are not age-segregated, either. Besides, I have NO desire for other children to socialize my children--kind-hearted, considerate souls that the other children are (lol).

Know that your children's behavior will most likely separate them from the masses, anyway, and if that doesn't silence the naysayers, a response like mine just might!

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