DIY Kites!  

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My children have been asking me to make a kite that they could fly. I would have loved to do this but just didn't think a homemade kite would fly.... until..... I saw this post at Mayamade. So we tried and and she is so right! It works! One of the nicest things about this particular kite is it is made with things we had on hand. This is a video of how to make it. The only thing they leave out is putting the string throught the hole.

We will be creating more of these as the weather permits!

NOTE~ This kite uses a plastic grocery bag as the 'string.' It says to cut the plastic bag in a 2 inch spiral. I didn't understand how to do this at first... until I started cutting. The first thing I did was cut off the handles, then cut in 2 inches and continue cutting horizontally to the top of the bag until you reach the bottom of the bag. I hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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I'd like to see a picture of it! We flew our kite twice last week. I'd love to try to make one, too.

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