Cleaning Coins - A Great Preschool Activity  

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I have been using pennies for graphing and other counting projects. My conscience was getting to me cause we all know how dirty coins can be are. So today's lesson was cleaning coins! They had so much fun! We simply followed the directions on Wikihow. They are simple instructions but if you know chemistry there are some no-no's... like mixing different coins together. Who knew?

All we did was:
* pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1 tsp of salt into a glass bowl
* drop in the pennies
* and watch them transform from dingy to glistening!

The process only took a couple of minutes.

I gave the kids old toothbrushes and when the coins came out of the vinegar solution I had them *shine* them up a little more. Then we washed them in soapy water.

My oldest didn't want to stop playing with the toothbrush so I told him he could shine up the kitchen floor. That lasted about 3 mins ; > )
Voila! Now we have clean counters!... and a clean spot in the kitchen floor.

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oo great idea! I didn't know you couldn't mix the types of coins! Good to know!

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