We jumped on board! Workboxes!  

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I have good news ~ for me anyway.

I really struggled for about 4 weeks with how to plan what to do and when. When is a big issues when you have a preschooler and a crawler! Schooling just wasn't fitting in (without babies crawling up in the table and preschoolers throwing temper tantrums).
I had thought about it, scratched out many possible routines but it wasn't happening. I was so discouraged and frustrated by it all. I knew we needed to do something totally different from what we were doing.

Finally I said enough is enough and I got online and ordered

this from Joann Fabric! It has made things so much more fun and we actually get school done.... not just do a little.... I mean we accomplish what I want to accomplish.

For the kids is it just something that fills their day. They are loving the boxes and the fun 'projects' inside!. I kept it real simple and didn't do the whole Sue Patrick's Workbox numbers and cards and valcro. It is just the drawers and I tell them "Go see what is in the blue box" - It helps that they are all different colors - they are learning their colors too!

Oh! You know what was even better? I ordered it online and they had two different prices. On the list of items it was priced at only $33.00! That's a great deal! So I clicked "add to cart" and there it showed up as $66.00 plus $14 shipping. So I called customer service and they gave me the cheapest price listed. And shipping was really only $7.00!  Woooo Whoooo!

(by the way, the 5 year old gets one side and the 3 year old gets the other side.)

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oo very fun! I have been wanting to do some sort of "box" system but hadn't found the right boxes! this looks perfect!

could you share what types of activities you put into the boxes? In addition to my kindergartener, I also have a preschooler and a walking toddler (15 months tomorrow).

Yes! I will post soon about what I put in the boxes. Give me a little time. I will try to take pictures of some of the things.

I love pictures! They say a lot and I am not much of a writer.

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