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I recently mentioned that I have begun to use a form of Sue Patrick's Workbox System.
I am doing the simple version as my kiddos are very young and I wanted to keep from confusing them in anyway. As they get older I may implament more of what the book recommends.

One of my readers asked me to tell you what I put in the boxes. That is the beauty of this you can put anything in it from school work sheets to snack to puzzles or toys.

I did type out a general 'schedule' for what to put in and when and in what order. {that last sentence sounds real complicated but let me explain - keeping it simple is so important to me}.
Here are some other ideas that I have written up. I just keep penciling in more ideas as they come.
Workbox Ideas
Workbox Ideas

There are two pages posted. Where it says 'book' at the bottom, you may need to click scroll then scroll down to see page two. (still learning Scribd ; ))

Here are some of the things we have done with them so far.

Anything you want to use for an activity you would put in the box. For example we did a fall leave wreath. I put in the box a paper plate with the center already cut out, a glue bottle. I had them go outside and pick up colorful leaves and bring them in. Then they glued them to the paper plate ring.

If I want them to do a math lesson. I put in what that day's lesson needs, pencil, worksheet, abacus, square tiles for pattering.

Just for fun I will add a puzzle or a building toy like blocks.

The first box is always a devotional, bible story or character book.
We also practice our AWANA bible memory.
I printed out this character coloring book - this is great for the 3 year old when the 5 year old is doing 'real school.'

Fall Vocabulary Words that they glue to a page

A Devotional or Character Building Book goes in the first box every day.

Math lesson for the day : couting with the abacus

Landmarks of the World flash cards
We will just read through these together.

A fun activity to keep them busy.


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oo looks like super fun! Love all of these links and activities!

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