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We haven't actually started our lesson for this unit but I saw this little project and had to try it. Tomorrow we will begin our study of INSECTS.
Spider Web Treats.

Place stick pretzels on wax paper in a cookie sheet.
Place pretzels in a star shape.

Melt Almond Bark in microwave until soft but not hot.
Scoop into a plastic bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner of
the bag to squeeze out the melted chocolate.

Squeeze the melted Almond Bark into the center to make the
pretzels stick together and string it around to make a spider web.
Place chocolate in the center (that is suppose to be the spider- I
was not interested in melting dark chocolate for the legs.

Place in a cool place for just a couple of minutes.
Gently peel from wax paper and

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yum these look tasty and fun :-)

Yummy AND fun! Great combination. I'm going to try these next Halloween... or now. ;)

Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys

Hey these sweet treats really look fun to do and eat. Hhhmm looks yummy!

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