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Today we talked about water.
We can not live without water. Even animals and plants need water.
Our souls (the inside of us) needs water too. Living Water.
We talked about water and how it is a liquid and can also be a solid and a gas too.

The kids played with water and ice cubes. I think they were busy for about an hour sitting at the table pouring water from a measuring cup into a bowl and scooping more water up with little medicine cups and dumping ice cubes in the water (and eating them) and watching them melt.

Ironically enough, during their snack time I popped in a video they have been asking to watch.
 Frosty the Snowman.   
                                       Frosty the Snowman & Frosty Returns

It was perfect. We talked about how when Frosty melted he became a liquid and when he was a snowman he was a solid!

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