Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran  

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This is a really cute book about neighborhood kids who create an entire city out of a pathway of stones. The ideas remind me of childhood times of getting completely engrossed in imaginary play.
If I had a million dollars....I would own this book too. Instead of owning it I will occasionally borrow it from the library.

After this post my son spotted the book on the table and decided to make his own Roxaboxen...with a little help.
Every city needs a zoo!
A page out of the book.

We did a little construction and widened the city streets so the emergency vehicles could safely pass through. This is the fire engine and the police car.

While we were 'building' the city. My four year old was saying, "I go to prepare a place for you."
We often talk about the great city that God is building for us.

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Oh wow! That is cool! Now I want to check out that kids are older (11 and almost 14) but they would like it...your kids did wonderful!
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Nice to meet you!

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Someone else had mentioned this book to me and I just went and requested it from my library. I'm a nature lover and live in the AZ desert, so I know that my boys and I would love reading this book! (and then just bide our time until it's cool enough to venture outdoors again!)

OMG I LOVE THAT!!! I am stopping by from the homeschool hop! I love your teaching style! Stop by sometime!


What a great activity! We'll have to read this book and make our own rock city!

Hi friends,

Now many books are in market to develop self esteem of our kids, having positive self esteem is crucial to building a strong character and purpose in life. Thanks a lot.

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