Worried About Socialization?  

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Me too. That is one of the bigger reasons I DO homeschool.
I stumbled upon this hilarious article about incorporating socialization into the homeschoolers day.

 click on this link:

Home-schooled kids can receive similar socialization

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My oh my. You've hit the nail on the head! My ds, 11, who was in public school until 4th grade now wants to 'see what it's like in middle school'. I read your post to him. You should have seen how wide his eyes got. He really has no idea what terrible things are at school. Amazing how quickly he has forgotten about being teased for his 'physical abnormalities' (he doesn't have perfect teeth) or being teased for having a sack lunch or sometimes free lunch when we couldn't afford to have him pack one, or for any of the many other reasons they found to tease and pick on him... Fortunately he didn't get into much of the cursing and immorality but it abounds in the schools around us.
Thank you for pointing this out! And I really like your wording :)

Yes it is a good article! I wanted to make it clear that I didn't write it. See the link.

I cracked up when I read it!

I noticed you didn't write it after I submitted my comment :) But still..thank you for sharing it :)

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