Week 2: THE MOON  

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God really is amazing.
 The creator of the Universe and yet he knows everything (large and small) about us.
We decided to go to the library one day and low and behold they had a
"VISIT TO THE MOON" exhibit!
The kids had so much fun!

I learned something too during this unit. The Moon does not actually give off light. So why does it shine? It shines because it reflects light from the sun.
Spiritual lesson: We are like the moon. There is no light in us. But we can (if we choose) to shine because of the light of God's 'sun.'

I was also impressed cause my 2.5 year old actually learned from the activity we did
learning about the Full moon, Half moon, Crescent moon, and New moon. We decided to read books outside in the evening before bed and she saw the moon and declared that it was a half moon. She was right!

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This looks like a great exhibit. I love that the the little one is learning too.

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