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I am starting a list of some of the books our children enjoy the most. I am always looking for great books to read to my little ones. And I love to get recommendations. I am doing this in hopes to shorten your journey as you search out great books to develop a love for reading in your children.

Tonight we read:


THE BEAR THAT HEARD CRYING by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey

What a delightful book! I love that it is a true story too. It is about a little girl who gets lost in the woods. A creature from the wild keeps her company as she is lost. Days later, a neighbor has a dream about where she will be found. And sure enough they go to that spot and there she is. The adults think for sure she is gone for good cause they see bear tracks alongside her footprints. But the story ends up a very happy one!
This is a Christian book. In the beginning of the story 'Mama' is reading the bible to the family on Sunday morning under the shade of a tree. The book also hints that the dream that was given was from the Lord and that God sent a wild beast to protect and comfort this little girl. The illustrations perfectly capture the suspense of the story line and depict beautifully the celebration once Sarah is found! I choked up the two times I have read it already!
The kids were gripped with suspension! This is the type of book that draws children into the joy of reading.

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Another version of this story is called something like The Story of Sarah Wicher. We read it with My Father's World - Adventures last year - don't know the exact title or author because I've passed on my materials to another mom. But, I agree, the story is incredible as far as God's providence in this little girl's life.

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