Starting My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum ~ Fall 2010  

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Well, I have my curriculum and I am in the process of organizing what I have and what we will be doing. I plan to use a modified version of the workbox system. This is roughly how I will use it. Even before I heard about Sue Patrick's Workbox System,

I had a daily schedule (in pictures) all printed out and laminated so the kids could see what was coming up next and get some idea of what the day would look like. So I figure I will do it for 'school' subjects and activities too! The only difference is I will have a physical place with these things set out for them to do.

I am also trying to figure out in my brain how and when to incorporate the other curriculums I am adding to MFW K. (RightStart Math, Handwriting Without Tears, and Intro to Classical Music).

If any of you have any tips on lining it up and nailing it down... let me know. This is my weak area. In my mind, for some reason I have a hard time completing the thoughts. The lie I believe is that I need to see it, do it, try it, feel it, see how it goes, or any other excuse for me to NOT plan ahead. All that is called is lack of discipline. So there. I said it. Now you know. Keep me accountable.

So what am I doing now?
I have the file folders all in order.
I have placed the worksheets in each file.
I have collected a couple extra resouces that we will be using with MFW K. (more on that another day)
I have purchased foam squares to make the weekly badges.
I have tweeked the grid I have with the daily plans (this will be an on-going tweeking).

If you do MFW, what have you done to prepare so far?

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Hi! I found you on the MFW Blog Roll. :^) This will be our second year with MFW - last year my older girls did ADV, and this year they will do ECC while my two little girls do K. I will actually substitute the Handwriting without Tears PK book for the MFW writing - because my littles are young (just 4), and are ready for everything in K except how they do the writing.

Just before I found the Blog Roll, I had posted on my blog about the grid-formats I put together for the K program. The link for that is here: If using that would help you, by all means, do so. :^)


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