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If you homeschool and you check out other homeschool blogs I know you have heard of Sue Patrick's Workbox System.
Well, we plan to implement it in some form the fall.... well maybe now.
It is meant to be used for school work but I will be starting the kids with it for assigned activities during the day. I have had enough of the kids wandering around the house making unnecessary messes simply because THEY NEED DIRECTION! (ahem... my fault... guilty.. busted).
The idea goes some thing like this (get the book for a much more accurate way to get started).

You get a shelf or rack of some sort and put out 6- 12 plastic shoe boxes on them. Mom fills the box with one item for the child to work on. Then when he has completed that he moves on to the next box. And so on. Homeschool mom's RAVE about how this system has brought much order to their day. Not to mention that it gets the kids more independent because they know what comes next.

So I am in the process of making a master list of activities the kids can do. I am breaking it down to different categories for example under Music, I will have a list like this to choose from: Crank up the radio and dance!, play musical instruments, play a video game that teaches music or instruments (I have links and cd roms), color to classical music, read a book that is music related and so on. Then we have a games section where I list all of the games in the closet.
The only reason I am categorizing them and making a master list is because I know myself. I will choose the activities they like best instead of MAKING them try something new. They may just like it if they try it! This will also force me to use everything we have.
Here is a great link to see how others have done it.
I am sure you will be seeing more on our set up. I am waiting for hubby to decide on a color printer before I jump in! (hurry up hun!)

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