Reading Great Books Leads to Great Field Trips!  

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It all started when we read a Curious George book.

George and the Man with a Yellow hat go to a Candy Store to buy some chocolate. And let's just say, George gets into trouble (as usual). But, he ends up saving the day (as usual).
After reading this book I just had to make a phone call and two days later we found ourselves here.

Even though it was just the 4 of us (3 were 4 years old and younger) they still gave us the complete tour!  We watched a 15 minute video about cocoa beans, how they grow and how they become chocolate. We also heard about how the Sanders family began their candy shop in Detroit, Mi.
Then we got a free sample! Yum!
The took us to the factory area were we watched ladies in hair nets and red aprons lining up rows and rows and rows of chocolate!
They did not allow us to take pictures at this point  : (
It was facinating to see!
Then that took us to the candy shop!

These pictures just don't do it justice.

We bought chocolate coverd pretzels. The kids got ones with sprinkles and I got one that had caramel swirl under the chocolate.
{ahem, I could not get a full shot of the caramel swirl pretzel ... I couldn't wait. I had to take a bite before I could get it home to take a picture of it.}
We got some other chocolatey treats but again, I was too slow with the camera.
What fun! The kids had a blast.

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What a great trip:) So great they accommodated you and your children:. I have cold called place and had amazing luck. I hope you join in the new Field trip hop starting July 1st as this is exactly what I wanted to let people know and see:) Now following :)

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